Who We Are at Skye Blue Fitness

Les Jones

Les Jones

Personal Fitness Instructor (QSF Level 3)

Originally from an Operation Management background, I decided to transfer my skills into Fitness several years ago. This love and passion for Fitness, combined with a desire to move from the UK, created the concept of Skye Blue Fitness, a Health and Fitness Retreat.

In 2013, after much searching and with the intent of finding somewhere suitable for the Skye Blue Fitness business, I purchased two properties in the Spanish Andalucian countryside; one to be a home and the other, named Skye Blue House, to be used to realise the business idea. The following three years were spent renovating both properties and landscaping, business planning and having two beautiful daughters. So now after much blood, sweat and tears I have great pleasure to be able to offer to you Skye Blue Fitness.


Lana Jones

Fitness Instructor (SCQF Level 2) and Massage Therapist (SCQF Level 7)

Lana is my wife and mother of our two daughters. She is a part time flight attendant in private aviation, looking after the worlds most influential people on their own aircraft. She is also a competent fitness instructor and massage therapist (with 15 years experience)

Lana´s passion is to not only help you with your physical training but to build your confidence from the inside, to teach you how to get back up from every stumble and to help you realise something; that you are already THE GREATEST!