Hill Walking/ Running in Andalucia, Spain

Hill running

With the choice from a multitude of breathtaking hill running locations, you will battle through any barriers with the help of the idyllic scenery.

There is plenty of local wildlife to look out for too while we are out. You might be lucky and spot anything from eagles, vultures, hawks and owls to Spanish foxes, rabbits, and if you are very lucky, wild boar or deer. 

It´s not unusal though around these parts to get caught up in a traffic jam of the lovely, Andalucian kind; shepherds with their flocks of sheep or herds of goats out blocking the roads and trimming the vegetation for us! 

The hill walking/running excursions take roughly 3 hours including travel. You will be supplied with snacks and water to help keep you hydrated and also keep your energy levels topped up.