The Gym

Skye Blue House

Your time at Skye Blue Fitness will also include gym based routines for strength and fitness training.

Whether you are experienced in the gym or not, we will guide you through an appropriate selection of weights and machines. We will plan your routine specifically for you.

Our goal with incorporating gym based training sessions is to breakdown any potential barriers you may have towards them and by doing so, giving you additional options to carry on with your fitness programme upon your return back to daily life.

Weight Training

Weight Training

Whether you´re looking to tone up, or bulk up, we have access to a wide range of weights and machines. We will teach you how to safely use the equipment to acheive the best possible results and develop techniques that will stay with you long after your stay at SBF. 

Cardiovascular Training

Cardio Training

Most of the activities you perform while training at Skye Blue Fitness will involve targetting and tuning your cardiovascular fitness markers. With fitness studios, gyms and the latest machines at our disposal, we can ensure you get ´Back On Track´ to reaching your highest cardio fitness levels possible.

By the end of your stay with us you will have an in-depth knowledge of which particular machines and what type of cardio training techniques work best for you, your fitness levels and your body type.

Make Lasting Positive Changes

The gym

Much of what we do at Skye Blue Fitness is not just about physical training but also about teaching and education. Many people use the gym to try and acheive their fitness goals, whatever they may be. However we aim to provide you with all the information you need to leave us ´Physically Fitter, Mentally Stronger´ and be able to carry on, self-motivated, with your fitness journey when you get back to the daily grind. 

This is not about just a few days of fitness and then back to your old ways, this is about positively and permanently changing your lifestyle, habits and attitudes towards health, fitness and long, healthy, happy lives. 

We aim to either help you improve from your current fitness levels with new techniques and knowledge or kick start you up to the next level of fitness with a new, bespoke fitness plan specially made for you.